REASONS WHY WE SHOULD DRINK MORE WATER After carbonated drinks water is the second choice if not tea or coffee. This alone is a shocking fact due to the fact that most carbonated drinks contain so many hidden chemicals and sugars that can harm our health. Dangers ranging from stroke, heart issues, obesity etc... As it is, these issues can be helped to be avoided if only individuals would drink water which does not have a negative effect on the health. As simple as it sounds, it really is that easy.... put the sugary, carbonated drinks aside and make water your first choice! The advantages are truly incredible how water can benefit our health! Here are a few benefits to keep in mind when in doubt about what to drink... Fluid Balance About 60 percent of the body is made of water. Drinking enough H2O keeps up the bodyís liquid balance, which transports supplements in the body, controls the body temperature, process sustenance, and thatís just the beginning. Calorie Control Disregard eating routines, water could likewise help with weight reduction. Various reviews have found an association between water utilization and losing excess body fat. How is that, you may be asking...? One particular reason is, when we drink water our hunger cravings are reduced, in which we consume less calories! Muscle Fuel When we sweat at the gym it causes our muscles to lose water. When the muscles donít have enough water, they get tired. So for extra energy, try drinking water to push through your final set. Clearer Skin There are certain poisons in the body that can clog up pores and cause our skin to break out. Water helps to flush these poisons and can aid in clearing skin conditions. Kidney Function Our kidneys work in filtering out waste and transporting urine to the bladder, therefore our kidneys require enough liquids help this procedure function at its optimum level. Productivity Boost To really Focus, our bodies require water. If you find you lack concentration, this could be a simple way to feel more refreshed and alert. Fatigue Buster Forget the espresso, water can help you regain that lack of energy and tiredness you are experiencing! Lack if hydration is known to cause fatigue Hangover Help When we over indulge with alcohol, our bodies become dehydrated. Bu hydrating Our Bodies we can help in the process to get rid of the hangover. Pain Relief Water can have the power to aid in aching joints and muscle cramps and strains...these are all conditions that can be highlighted when we are dehydrated. To Your Health Michi? For more information on Health and Wellbeing You can contact me direct: Or follow our Health & Wellness Advice on our Facebook Page @guapograncanaria