Embrace Fear..... :Guapo Edition: 2017-07

Embrace Fear..... Have you ever heard anyone say that? It sounds crazy but it is proven that the real success is at the other side of fear! We think of every reason not to move forward because of our fear of so many things! If you want to be successful at anything in life, never leave sight of setting the goal without doing something that commits you to fulfillment! Whilst you are in a state, that is the time to commit yourself to the action that makes you follow through. Regardless of what it is you are working towards, make that commitment to yourself and to your actions, create your action plan, and do something that brings you closer to your ultimate goal. Be it a small action step, but you must take action within the first 5 seconds of thinking about what it is you want to do! It is clinically proven that if we don't react to our thoughts within the first 5 seconds of coming up with an idea to take action, our subconscious minds begin coming up with reasons that we should not act! Too often we put our dreams on hold for fear of failure or rejection! WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO? This depends on what your outcome is.... If we focus on the outcome we can put aside, stress, concerns, fear, people interrupting us, reacting, demands etc.....otherwise our lives are nothing but reactions to situations that happen to us throughout the day! You will have to come up with purposes and outcomes that will help you find out what you have to do, this way you will realize their importance! So instead of doing LISTS..... Your OUTCOMES AND PURPOSES will help you! Start with the things that are a must, establish the real time... minimum to maximum! How long is this really going to take? LOOK FOR YOUR START ITEMS, WHAT IS THE MINIMUM TIME TO GET RESULTS, AND THAT IS WHAT YOU DO FIRST.... Same thing with your week... Create a Visual Block.... Take the ACTIONS and put them in order of importance. (Put a star next to the 20% that will give me 80% of the results as it's impossible to complete all of the action items) What is the 20% of this list that will give me an outcome as we need to feel a sense of accomplishment to make us feel confident to move forward. If you are finding it difficult to step out of your comfort zone and start making those steps towards what you really want in life, feel free to contact me direct via the link below. Michelle Oldenburg bit.ly/MakeYourBodyYourBusiness