POSITIVE STEPS IN PLANNING YOUR WEEK Get Out Of The Routine You Are In If Its Not Serving You! To start with you need to run your life like a business: Start your planning Sunday Evening.... Plan your week, if not your circumstances throughout the week will put you in reactive mode. Instead of moving forward, you will be reacting to what ever crosses your path and happening in your life.... Make a list of everything you have going through your head.... If you feel like you are on a treadmill that is going faster and faster and you are not getting anywhere, take a second look and get rid of all the miscellaneous things hovering around in your brain! You will not see something bigger for your life if you are going to carry your "To Do List" in your head! EXCERCISE!! This cannot be highlighted enough! There is a study out of Harvard Medical School (the book is called SPARK) it has proven the connection between exercise and your brain. If you exercise even 20 minutes a day... the plasticity of your brain changes.... this means the physical structure of your brain and the chemicals that go into it, prime your brain, to enable you to make "faster decisions", regrow memory cells, and therefor you make "better decisions". By incorporating these habits into your daily routine you will be creating healthy habits that can only serve you in a positive way! If you would like to connect with me with any questions or more details on planning your week, feel free to connect via the link below or the email. Michelle Oldenburg bit.ly/MakeYourBodyYourBusiness