OVER EATING :Guapo Edition: 2017-07

OVER EATING We are all guilty of it at one point! You are probably all familiar with overeating when you accidentally finish the bag of potato chips when you really only wanted to eat one or two! You could have been distracted by a good film or there was too much to choose from in your kitchen cupboards! What ever excuse you used, it was obvious your self control was rock bottom for what ever reason. I don't think you will be so surprised to hear that there are normally deeper routed reasons why we overeat! It is easy to feel annoyed with yourself even helpless as years seem to fly by and it doesn't get any easier to control your eating habits! I will touch on a few reasons why we overeat and how we can avoid them! WHAT PUSHES US TO OVEREAT? Normally it is not lack of willpower! It has been proven that it has a lot to do with chemistry. DO YOU KNOW.....? When we consume foods that contain fat, salt or sugar, our brains record a special feeling of pleasure. This triggers the release of the "happy chemicals," such as dopamine and serotonin. The release of these chemicals together leave us feeling incredible! Obviously our built in "memory bank of good feelings" keeps homing in on every opportunity we get to achieve that feeling over and over again. This is why we always want "just one more..." As we feel rewarded after eating these foods, each craving has been reinforced. This is why we want to eat another potato chip or chocolate cookie for example. WHY DO WE CRAVE JUNK FOOD INSTEAD OF HEALTHY FOOD? Our brains learn that we get a bigger reward with the higher levels of sugar, fat or salt in processed foods than in healthy foods that contain less. When we overeat junk foods or highly processed foods, it can become a cycle. The more of it we eat, the more we feel like we are being rewarded, that is a type of addiction. For Details On How To OverCome These Habits And Start To Incorporate Healthier Cravings Into Your Lifestyle..... You Can Connect with Me Direct And I will Send You A Free Step By Step Guide To Creating New Habits And Overcoming The Old Ones!