Mitsy's World, Confessions of a Drag Queen. :Guapo Edition: 2017-06

Mitsy's World, Confessions of a Drag Queen. Hola Guapos, Guapas and Guapetones, All the way from Belgium, it's me, Mitsy. As it is about time to move to the island after many years coming here on holiday, I decided to buy a glamorous apartment, which I like to call “Mitsy's Boudoir”, in the centre of PDI. There have been so many issues of Guapo Magazine I have read and I am happy I finally got the chance, after starring on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Hello Magazine of course, to write my monthly column in Gran Canaria's no.1 gay magazine. My passion, for many years, has been performing and I believe my alter ego, ‘Is pretty damn good’... LOL. Despite being on the island so many times, I'd never made it over to Pride, until a couple of weeks ago, so… as far as Pride goes, I went from being a virgin to a sinner. I started the Pride celebration with my one night dinner show at May-be restaurant in Cita Centre (where you can see me perform again in September). Resident show artist Armani D’vyne came to see me, which was a privilege and an honour. The parade itself, OMG … I'm in luuuuuuve honey… all the handsome guys in the tiniest shorts ever, twerking around the place, waving their hands in the air like they just don't care (thank God I had lasic) ... or wasn't it in luuuuuuve, but just being jealous, because I needed to wear several tights, wigs, make up, etc… and believe me, keeping my pretty face on in the hot sun and not ending up like a raccoon was a challenge... but Mitsy never gives up and shows her best in public. Looking fierce of course and throwing some shade every now and then, haha. I was excited to be surrounded by so many happy people and together we all made the statement again for what we are fighting for: to be accepted! PRIDE makes us PROUD!! I am thankful I have met wonderful new people on the island during my first Pride. Once in a while I will reveal some of my favourite things and for now I’ll give you two of them. The first thing is my signature drink: a good Gin & Tonic. You know, sometimes a queen just needs to drink to keep things bearable hahaha…. The shade of it all! So if you come across me, you may buy me a drink. When I cake up and become Mitsy, I create an image of my own imagination which is the most powerful thing one could ever do! Another favourite thing of mine is fashion. I know what some of you may think, here we go again, another fashion queen, but eh …. yeah!!! Of course LOL. Don’t worry, I know how to do it.. So just in case you needed a reminder, to me, J Lo is still the queen of one particular look. For many years she mastered the naked flawless look and made no exception at the latest Billboard Latin Music Awards. She hit the red carpet in a black Julien MacDonald gown, OOOOOH MY DAMN! I want that dress!! I know it will look so much better on me ;-)! If someone can make me one, contact me please. And Rihanna … PuuuuHleeeAaaazzze … the thing she wore to the ‘Met Gala’ … that's what happens if you smoke too much marijuana my child. From “Please Don’t Stop the Music” to “Please do Stop the Red Carpet” in this hideous outfit, even if it was meant to make you forget the pretty tasteful gowns. One day you're in and the next you're out. Auf Wiedersehen Anyway, if you're up for more from this cock in a frock on a rock, stay tuned every month. Find my official Fb fanpage: Mitsy Multipass Don’t be shy to like, share, leave a ‘nice’ comment, or talk to me. Glitz and glam, wham bam thank you ma'am #mitsyssquote Until next month. Byeeeeeeeeeeee Bookings & information through my Fb fanpage.