The 12 Top Foods That Help Protect Skin Naturally? :Guapo Edition: 2017-06

Do You Know Of The 12 Top Foods That Help Protect Skin Naturally? Our Skin Is The Largest Organ On Our Bodies..... It Serves As A Flexible Barrier To The Outside World, How Can We Help Protect Our Skin Naturally? Skin is actually an active, living tissue, the outer layer is called the epidermis. In knowing this, we need to realise just how important it is to care and protect our skin against the elements, wind, cold, heat, and sun etc.... We can layer on the creams and factors, yet what we do not want to forget is that we can help the health and protection of our skin via our diets also. As the saying goes, we are what we eat..... Antioxidant Rich Foods not only help to keep the skin beautiful, supple, and smooth, they provide the essential vitamins your skin needs for elasticity. Sunshine and the production of Vitamin D are a critical cornerstone for long term health. So often there is negative focus on the sun, yet what we should be aware of is the chemicals that are laden within the majority of the sunscreens on the market today which are causing disease. Sun Factors are covered in my previous article "How To Stay Protected Under The Sun" Regardless of the natural sunscreens on the market, we can also help our skin be more protected by adding certain foods that can reduce your risk of sun damage, sun burn and skin cancer by supporting the skins natural ability to protect itself. Here are 12 Foods That Help To Protect Skin Naturally Blueberries, FlaxSeed Dark Green Leafy Vegetables Citrus Fruits Carrots Green Tea Watermelon Tomatoes Strawberries Turmeric Almonds Red Grapes Whilst enjoying the sun, try adding these 12 delicious foods to your diet in order to boost your skins natural defences. Not forgetting the all essential fresh still water. Whilst enjoying the heat, our bodies are evaporating fluid more than in colder climates. Inclusive if you are consuming alcohol, coffee or soft drinks. Naturally as our bodies lose water, we begin to dehydrate both from the inside - out! Leaving our skin more susceptible to the elements. Nutrients we consume can also be eliminated faster than maybe our bodies can digest them into our system. Therefor I highly recommend a natural nutritional supplement to ensure your body is receiving all the nutrients it requires on a daily basis! Feel Free To Reach Out To Me Direct For More Information On Natural Supplements And Factors That I Personally Recommend To Help You Stay As Safe And Healthy As Possible This Summer! (LINK) Related Posts How To Stay Protected Under The Sun Can also email :