10 Amazing Benefits Of The Green Tea Capsule :Guapo Edition: 2017-06

10 Amazing Benefits Of The Green Tea Capsule There are many reasons that Green Tea has formed part of the Asians culture for centuries Green Tea is a drink rich in antioxidants and nutrients that benefit numerous organisms in the body and a great support to strengthen the defences to prevent diseases. Green Tea is also a great support to aid in weight management and prevent chronic health issues. 10 AMAZING BENEFITS Rich in Antioxidants Benefit in Heart Health Benefit Liver Function Stimulates the metabolism Supports the Digestive system Supports Dental Health Strengthens the Immune system Helps prevent Bloating Reduces Blood Pressure Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels As you can see, Green Tea is an obvious choice when it comes to supporting a healthy lifestyle. The only issue nowadays is that a lot of the Green Tea sold in tea bags is not coming from quality leaves and depending on the brand, it can be mixed with other ingredients. The taste is also one that takes getting used to. So as always after going through various options and product reviews, the one product that made more sense to introduce into our daily habits was in the form of a capsule. Imagine! GreenTea in the form of a capsule, One capsule is the equivalent to 7 cups of the purest Green Tea leaves. Only the tips of the highest quality tea leaves are used. Even a fan of drinking Green Tea would find it difficult to consume 7 cups a day. How Much Does It Cost And How Can I Order Mine? 30 Capsules (One capsule per day) 30€ (postage included) 120 Capsules (One Capsule per day) 95€ (postage included) Michelle (Whats App) 0034-607923724 (Email) info@healthbymichi.com For more details on making the most out of your Detox Plan, don´t hesitate to contact me direct and I will take personal contact with you. http://michi.funnelizer.com/greentea