Safe Sex In The Sun :Guapo Edition: 2017-05

Safe Sex In The Sun Safe Sex In The Sun...... Nowadays we cannot be careful enough when it comes to having Sex, especially if they are not your regular partner! Summer time seems to relax most people to the point where they return from their holidays, trying to recollect what exactly they did during those steamy hot nights... Whilst so many are going away to foreign shores its good to remember that there are a number of things you should keep in mind before jetting off! Stay Protected, not only from the sunshine. Having unprotected Sex when you are relaxed on holiday have the same results as when you are at home, yet it is so easy to have maybe a little too much to drink, mixed with the heat of the day, the steamy party atmosphere in the evening night after night, its like eating a cream pie when you are on a strict diet, you never think it will make a huge impact in your life just one or two "cheat days", so to speak. It is more common than you would imagine, According to statistics, there are more cases of sexually transmitted infections during the summer, and people often get symtoms of STI a week or two after they return back home! Condoms can obviously help to reduce the risk of STI or getting pregnant. If you are looking to buy condoms that you can trust, make sure they have been tested for the high safety standards required in the EU. Donīt forget that condoms can be damaged when exposed to warm temperatures or when in contact with oil based products, which includes sunscreen, moisturisers, and baby oils. Therefor they should be stored in a cool, dry place. Ladies, this is one for you... if you find yourself not feeling well.... vomiting and diarrhoea, this can actually make the contraceptive pill less effective. Most of the above is self explanatory, yet as with a lot of things it is always good to recall the importance of the obvious! Try not to forget to also make sure you are well hydrated.... this will not only help prevent a serious hangover the next morning if you are enjoying the parties day and night... if you are consuming alcohol and a variety of different foods that your body may not be used to, by hydrating your body well you are helping it cleanse to avoid body odour as the nights get hot and sticky! Enjoy, Let Your Hair Down, But Most Of All ..... Play Safe! Michi (go on our facebook page find the link to purchace) SANINEX GAY PASSION AROMATICO SANINEX