Gay Pride 2017 - Pre & Post Body Preparation & Recuperation :Guapo Edition: 2017-05

Gay Pride 2017 - Pre & Post Body Preparation & Recuperation Its Almost Time For Gay Pride 2017, Crazy Parties and Excess of Toxins your body will be consuming whether you admit it or not, it is a time of the year where our healthy habits can begin to fall to the wayside. Todays Detox regimens can be quite strict and for many a total nightmare to imagine going trough for 24 hours, never mind incorporating into you lifestyle for the next month or two. I am going to recommend a few healthy habits to easily incorporate into you daily routine in order to prepare your organs and energy level for the long, hot passionate days of craziness! Where To Start: You must your best to eliminate as much as possible the typical toxins such as excess of caffeine, nicotine, trans fats and preservatives. You should aim to clean up as much as possible your liver, kidneys and bowel. How Long Will It Take? A good detox program can last from a week up to one month. To get ready for the party season I would recommend a minimum of one week. Ideally a lot of the following advice can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle on a permanent basis. What Should I Eliminate? To start with eliminate as much as possible, sugar, refined carbs such as white flour products, fried foods, alcohol and caffeine. (You will fill your boots in a months time so donīt stress!) To take it a step further restrict the consumption of red meat, dairy and wheat. What Should I Eat? Essential to start the day with at least one glass of water to get your organs flushed through. Imagine, you have been sleeping for 5-8 hours and your body has been producing gasses and acids. Next, take the fresh juice of one lemon and dilute in another glass of still water. This will help your bodies PH return to its preferred state. The focus is on eating raw and unprocessed food, preferably organic produce so there is less chance of added toxins in the form of pesticides. Green vegetables are ideal, spinach, kale, broccoli. Other vegetables that can help towards the detox process are onions and garlic. To help boost your antioxidant intake, eat three pieces of fruit daily, ideally eat fruit early in the day to work off the fructose. Eat proteins such as legumes, fish , eggs, nuts and seeds. To help flush your kidneys, try adding a daily juice which will add vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients and fibre to assist the detox process. An Example: To a base of raw carrot juice, add two or more of the following: turmeric, beetroot, ginger, ginger, parsley, blueberries, asparagus, kale or broccoli. Also drink at least two to three litres of fresh still water daily to help flush your kidneys. Prepare for the possible detox side-effects Common symptom of detoxing are headaches. This is a result of the withdrawal from caffeine and sugar, as well as the release of toxins in into the bloodstream. The best way to deal with detox headaches is to drink plenty of water, which is even more important in the heat of the day and more so if you are in party mode and dancing the night away. Herbal teas are also helpful. But do not replace the recommended minimum 2 litres of fresh still water for other beverages If you are interested in taking detox to another level be it for health or weight management issues, do not hesitate to contact me direct and I will take contact with you personally by clicking the link below. Can also email: