OBESE NO MORE :Guapo Edition: 2017-03

OBESE NO MORE HOW TO APPROACH THE SUBJECT TO HELP PEOPLE WHO MAY BE SUFFERING FROM OBESITY? It can be a very awkward situation when you may realise that someone is desperate to change and become healthier, yet for fear of embarresment of touching the subject both sides avoid the conversation. It can be very frustrating and sad to watch people suffer in silence, for the lack of support they may have around them. So, how is the best way to approach the conversation? I have been working with numerous people who were either over weight or seriously obese and have managed to find a way to encourage the conversation without coming across as too direct. We need to remember, our intention is to help support, only if the person is ready to listen. We can start off by asking something as simple as, how are they doing? The reaction will normally be an open door to a conversation about something they may have an issue with health wise, be it energy levels or something more serious. From that point we can generally enter into a conversation to find out if they are open to change... This is really a key point to either let the person realise you are there for them or to take it a step further and find out just how sever there problem really is. There really is a process to approach each situation individually as we would in life generally, no matter who we talk to. The most important in the beginning is to let the individual realise that you are serious and would like to be a part of helping them. I will cover further steps in this process in future posts or conversations. Meanwhile if you would like to take contact in private regarding Obesity and how you may need guidance in helping someone or you personally need help, please do not hesitate to reach out to me direct. I have created an Online support Group on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus if anyone would like to be added. Again, reach out to me and I will add you personally. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing back from you! "Best Version Of You!" By Health By Michi michi@healthbymichi.com