How Do You Know If You Need To Detox? :Guapo Edition: 2017-03

How Do You Know If You Need To Detox? Personally, I donít think there is a better time of the year to start a detox! We have all been slightly detoured from our healthy routines over the festive period, some more than others. Therefore it's great to start off with a simple detox so you do not throw in the towel! Detoxing is not about losing those excess kilos, as most people may think, it's more about cleaning up your system! Many people believe they eat healthily. Maybe you believe adding a few juices, cleansing teas, or going vegetarian, will do the trick! If you are in any way suffering from any one of the following issues, think seriously about taking Detox to the next level! Dull & dehydrated skin Tired eyes Lack of energy Low libido Lack of concentration Low immune system Fluid retention Body odour Cravings Bloating and discomfort High blood pressure Slow metabolism PMT (pre-menstrual tension) Detox as a way of life: Ideally detoxing should become a way of life instead of regarding detox just an occasional health-boosting plan. It can range from making better choices of what you eat and drink all the way to a rigorous program for those who opt for that. For most itís actually a fun journey and for a few it can become an obsession that they canít do without. Wherever you fit on this scale, you will benefit greatly. There are numerous types of detox and various products that can help towards getting the best results, only there are many products that are marketed for detox that do nothing more than cost you money! If you would like more details on detoxing, how to get started, or other ideas to make the process enjoyable and not so boring, please feel free to reach out to me and I will personally reply to your questions. Contact me via the Facebook Page, Guapo Gran Canaria or direct: