LOVE YOURSELF! :Guapo Edition: 2017-02

LOVE YOURSELF! We’re so busy waiting for someone to love us that we’ve forgotten about the one person we need to love first—ourselves! 1. Learn to accept yourself! We have all had experiences of people who were supposed to love us, be cruel and heartless. You need to focus on our many strengths and qualities. Let go of comparing yourself with others. When you start to respect yourself, is when the harsh, damaging words of the past are no longer the first words you hear. Audit the words you tell yourself! 2. Feel the love and respect you give to others and start to give the same to yourself. Try focusing on positive affirmations about yourself, build step by step towards dreams you have in your mind for you and your loved ones. 3. Stop beating yourself up! Nobody is perfect! No one lives without pain. Try not to dwell on the past and only work on the present and the future! Learn to embrace your imperfections and concentrate on the positive aspects you carry. Realise that talking about the past or present in a negative way only makes it worse. You should use your past experiences, both good and bad as a positive lesson in life that has made you what you are today and learn from them. Enjoy your own company. Learn to be comfortable with your own company. Seek meditation or therapy to discover your personal issues that may be holding you back from respecting yourself. 4. Gratitude Count your blessings. Realise just how lucky we are for the smallest things in life. When you are grateful for the smallest of things you will see just how quickly they will increase. You will immediately start loving yourself more when you realize all the things you’re grateful for in your life. 5. Kindness towards others creates more kindness in return. Remember that a relationship can only make you shine brighter and bring you more love in your life. You should not depend on a relationship to be accepted. You cannot expect someone to commit to you if you are not devoted to yourself. If you are in a relationship, you cannot be honest with your partner if you lie to yourself. Become committed to who you are. Believe you are worth what ever it is you have a passion or dream for. Creating the confidence is an on going process. Be patient, believe in who you are, always and forever. “Best Version Of You” by Health By Michi